The Sword should reinforce the BRAND of fencing as a sport in competition with other sports.

The STARS of fencing and their LIFESTYLE need to be promoted so that their achievements appear as important as the stars in more popular sports.

The Sword needs to reflect the aspirations of the stars and of the fencing community as a whole.

The Sword should promote the core values of a successful fencer's lifestyle, each desirable, attractive and achievable, such as:

  • Elite fencers have a great time seeing the world whilst competing.
  • Top fencers enjoy training 4 times a week.
  • Competing in tournaments is fun.
  • Top fencers are fit and healthy and enjoy the lifestyle.
  • Top fencers are attractive and sexy.
Other core values that the magazine must emphasis are:
  • Top coaches have wisdom and are revered for their skills.
  • Fencing's past successes are only the base on which to build a successful future.
  • Fencing's future is looking good.
The design of the magazine can project all the core values and this is best demonstrated by the redesign of the front cover of issue no. 62.
Here we see:
  • Successes are headlined.
  • Glisson, a "star", is attractive and has achieved.
  • The sport is colourful.
  • The magazine has energy and is desirable to read.

I would like to hear any comments on the above ideas. Please e-mail me at: or phone me on: 00(44) 020 8946 0265

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